Beastie Boys: Hello Nasty

Beastie Boys: Hello Nasty
Title: Hello Nasty
Label: Capitol
Product Type: VINYL LP

A startlingly diverse effort, the Beasties' fifth LP saw the welcome addition of a new DJ, the abundantly skilled Mix Master Mike of the Invizibl Skratch Picklz. A quirky but effective combination of old school fundamentals ("Three MC's and One DJ") and futuristic trickery ("Intergalactic"), this album successfully conveys their energy, originality, and spark. This 2 LP set is pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

1.1 Super Disco Breakin'
1.2 The Move
1.3 Remote Control
1.4 Song for the Man
1.5 Just a Test
1.6 Body Movin'
1.7 Intergalactic
1.8 Sneakin' Out the Hospital
1.9 Putting Shame in Your Game
1.10 Flowin' Prose
1.11 And Me
1.12 Three MC's and One DJ
2.1 The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin')
2.2 Song for Junior
2.3 I Don't Know
2.4 The Negotiation Limerick File
2.5 Electrify
2.6 Picture This
2.7 Unite
2.8 Dedication
2.9 Dr. Lee, PHD
2.10 Instant Death

Beastie Boys: Hello Nasty

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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