Beatrice Dillon

Beatrice Dillon: Workaround

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Artist: Beatrice Dillon

Artist: Beatrice Dillon
Title: Workaround
Product Type: VINYL LP

Beatrice Dillon's first solo album - a strong body of work referencing Caribbean music, with a strong mastery of the rhythms and prestigious guests: UK Bhangra pioneer Kuljit Bhamra (tabla); Pharoah Sanders Band's Jonny Lam (pedal steel guitar); techno innovators Laurel Halo (synth/vocal) and Batu (samples); Senegalese Griot Kadialy Kouyaté (Kora), Hemlock's Untold and new music specialist Lucy Railton (cello); amongst others.

1.1 Workaround One
1.2 Workaround Two
1.3 Workaround Three
1.4 Workaround Four
1.5 Workaround Five
1.6 Clouds Strum
1.7 Workaround Six
1.8 Workaround Seven
1.9 Workaround Eight
1.10 Workaround Nine
1.11 Square Fifths
1.12 Workaround Bass
1.13 Pause
1.14 Workaround Ten

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