Beethoven / Koch, Tobias

Beethoven / Koch, Tobias: Complete Piano Pieces

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Title: Complete Piano Pieces
Label: Cavi-Music

On this CD, Tobias Koch embarks on a quest for sonorities and instrumental exploration. On no less than five different historical fortepianos - all exquisitely preserved - he presents the full scope of the art of piano building as it was cultivated in Beethoven's time. Koch uncovers a unique diversity ranging from the 13-year-old musician's first attempts at composition to his very last musical thoughts. Meanwhile, the forte pianist also proves that world premiere recordings can still take place in the 21st century. Two pieces are now available for the first time in a performance on the exact instrument for which the composer wrote them: The orphica, a portable keyboard with a captivating, 'far-off' sound. World Première included: First recordings on an ORPHICA, a kind of travel piano, which sounds like a Lute from Beethoven's time, with original pieces composed for the ORPHICA. This is the first solo orphica recording ever released and is a fascinating recording of this repertoire.

1.1 Allegretto
1.2 Allegretto
1.3 STÜCK, Woo54, 'Lustig - Traurig'
1.4 Fugue in C Major, Hess 64
1.5 Präludium No. 1
1.6 Präludium No. 2
1.7 Moderato
1.8 Allegretto
1.9 Allegretto
1.10 Andante Cantabile E Grazioso
1.11 Rondo a Capriccioso in G Major, Op. 129, 'Die Wuth Über Den Verlorenen Groschen, Ausgetobt in Einer Caprice'
1.12 Präludium in F minor, Woo55
1.13 Andante Grazioso Con Moto
1.14 Alla Polacca, Vivace
1.15 Allegro - Poco Adagio - Allegro Ma Non Troppo - Allegro Con Brio - Adagio - Presto - Adagio - Allegretto - Adagio
2.1 Andante Grazioso, Quasi Allegretto
2.2 Scherzo. Allegro
2.3 Allegretto
2.4 Andante
2.5 Allegro Ma Non Troppo
2.6 Allegro Quasi Andante. Con Una Certa Espressione Parlante
2.7 Presto
2.8 Allegretto
2.9 Andante Con Moto
2.10 A L'allemande
2.11 Andante Cantabile
2.12 Risoluto
2.13 Andante - Allegretto
2.14 Allegro Ma Non Troppo
2.15 Moderato
2.16 Vivace Moderato
2.17 Allegramente
2.18 Andante, Ma Non Troppo
2.19 Andante Con Moto Cantabile E Compiacevole
2.20 Allegro
2.21 Andante Cantabile E Grazioso
2.22 Presto
2.23 Quasi Allegretto
2.24 Presto - Andante Amabile E Con Moto - Tempo I
2.25 Presto
2.26 Allegretto
2.27 Bagatelle in C Major, Hess 73
2.28 Bagatelle in E Flat Major, Hess 74
2.29 Poco Moto
2.30 Ziemlich Lebhaft
2.31 Allegretto
2.32 Allegretto Quasi Andante
2.33 STÜCK in F minor
2.34 STÜCK in C Major
3.1 Allegro
3.2 Adagio
3.3 Moderato
3.4 Andantino
3.5 Andante
3.6 Solfeggio

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