Ben Carr Trio

Ben Carr Trio: Year We Turned It on

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ben Carr Trio

Title: Year We Turned It on
Label: Newmarket

Ben Carr Trio arrives with 'The Year We Turned It On' featuring 10 originals, of which 'Take Two', 'Zip It', 'Unit 6' and 'Slow Down' reflect conventional jazz compositions overflowing with melody and improvisation. This trio featuring Leigh Barker / double bass and Phil Collings/drums, are a chord less, Saxophone led unit. The compositions are both Jazz influenced and contemporary in structure. Polyrhythms, odd meters, twelve tone set theory and large intervallic melodies are found throughout the music. The Musicians embrace group interaction, expanding and exploring the music, creating diversity in performance and allowing for the music to really happen.

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