Bennie Gray & the Trailer Park Cowboys: Because of Drinkin

Bennie Gray & the Trailer Park Cowboys: Because of Drinkin
Title: Because of Drinkin
Label: CD Baby

Because of Drinkin' is their first full-length recording, and offers proof that a band can make serious music without taking itself too seriously. Songs like the title track, as well as Young, Dumb Rebel Son, and Money are snapshots of life 'in the park,' to paraphrase Bennie, who wrote and sang all the songs on the record. "I just write what I know," he says when asked where he gets his inspiration. "If I don't believe it, I can't sing it." He's also not afraid to face the darker side of things when the moment requires, as on the ominous gem Killer, or What the Devil Ain't Got. These songs reveal a man at war with himself and his demons, and leaves the outcome uncertain. To balance this brutal honesty, there's also Daybreak, and Let Me Love, both of which possess achingly beautiful melodies, and highlight the fine band Bennie has backing him up. "I'm lucky to have 'em," he says, taking very little credit for the wallop they produce, both on this recording and on stage. The band has performed with such talent as Cody Canada and the Departed, Jon Pardi, and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Because of Drinkin' is easily the band's most requested song, and has already been covered by several artists. "That one's not about me," says Bennie, "though it would make a better story if it was." He's sitting in the studio, listening to the final mix of the song when he makes this observation. "A friend of mine, who'd best remain unnamed, was acting a fool, and I thought I'd write a song about it." Once you hear the song, you'll be glad he did.

1.1 Wasted Tme
1.2 Restless
1.3 Because of Drinkin'
1.4 Something I Ain't
1.5 Let Me Love
1.6 Killing Me
1.7 Coal Miners Lament
1.8 What the Devil Ain't Got
1.9 Young Dumb Rebel Son
1.10 Killer
1.11 Something I Can Do
1.12 Daybreak
1.13 Money
1.14 Bitch
1.15 Trailer Park Blues

Bennie Gray & the Trailer Park Cowboys: Because of Drinkin

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