Berg / Trekel / Schwanewilms / Molomot

Berg / Trekel / Schwanewilms / Molomot: Alban Berg: Wozzeck

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Artist: Berg / Trekel / Schwanewilms / Molomot
Title: Alban Berg: Wozzeck

Based on real events and playwright Georg Bu¨chner's starkly vehement text, Alban Berg's tragic opera Wozzeck is an epoch-making work, in stark contrast to the previous high romantic ideals of the genre, that led Schoenberg to exclaim "now that's what I call an opera!" Immensely powerful and heartbreakingly moving as a drama, Wozzeck explores the victimisation, despair and madness of a central character who has no place in society, it's deeply humane message and sublimely innovative score firmly establishing it as a 20th-century masterpiece.

1.1 The Captain's Room. 'Langsam, Wozzeck, Langsam!'
1.2 An Open Field Outside the Town. 'Du, Der Platz Ist Verflucht!'
1.3 Marie's Room. 'Tschin Bum, Tschin Bum! HÖRST Bub?'
1.4 The Doctor's Study. 'Was Erleb Ich, Wozzeck?'
1.5 Street Before Marie's Door. 'Geh Einmal Vor Dich Hin!'
2.1 Marie's Room. 'Was Die Steine Glänzen?'
2.2 Street in Town. 'Wohin So Eilig, Gehertester, Herr Sargnagel?'
2.3 Street Before Marie's Door. 'Guten Tag, Franz'
2.4 Tavern Garden. 'Ich Hab' Ein Hemdlein An'
2.5 Guardroom in the Barracks. 'Oh Oh Andres! Andres! Ich Kann Nicht Schlafen'
2.6 Marie's Room. 'Und Ist Kein Betrug in Seinem Munde Erfunden Worden'
2.7 Forest Path By a Pool. 'Dort Links Geht's in Die Stadt'
2.8 A Low Tavern. 'Tanzt Alle'
2.9 Forest Path By a Pool. 'Das Messer? Wo Ist Das Messer?'
2.10 Interlude: Adagio
2.11 Street Before Marie's Door. 'Ringel, Ringel, Rosenkranz, Ringelreih'n!'

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