Bernie Worrell

Bernie Worrell: Melodestra

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Artist: Bernie Worrell

Artist: Bernie Worrell
Title: Melodestra
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Here at last! After 6 years, Bernie Worrell's "melodica" album, MELODESTRA is finally complete!Experience also the rare chemistry of 2 songs remixed by John McEntire (Tortoise/ the Sea and Cake)!Bernie Worrell was the founding key member of the Parliament-Funkadelic known as the genius keyboard wizard creating outrageous and innovative sounds that blew the minds away of the music fans.

1.1 Melodestra (Vocal)
1.2 Melodestra (Instrumental)
1.3 Melodestra (Remix By John McEntire)
1.4 Skip Hop Stumble
1.5 Skip Hop Stumble (Remix By John McEntire)
1.6 Tree Fore

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