Beth Kille

Beth Kille: Dust

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Beth Kille

Title: Dust
Label: CD Baby

This album is a compilation of tunes written from 2005 through 2010. It's rather odd for me to put so many "old" songs on a new album but since I became a mom in 2011 my songwriting wheels have slowed a bit. Frankly though, it worked out nicely. I had a lot of songs that I really wanted to share that never quite made it onto an album; as well as a few that were previously recorded that morphed into "new" tunes as I've played them live over the past several years that needed a new voice. The songs were composed, literally all over the world, from Wisconsin to Texas, to Australia; and the topics run the gamut; rebellion, heartbreak, anger, triumph and happiness. I tried to infuse them all with the honesty that I made a vow to deliver in my music. The making of this album was a whole new adventure. I did a ton of pre-production work with my husband/drummer, Tony and my dear friend/favorite producer/engineer, Jake Johnson of Paradyme Productions. Then I hired some of the best players in Southern Wisconsin and basically turned over the reigns. We set aside a week in March and knocked out the instrumental tracks on12 tunes (I've Been Accused had been previously recorded). I was so humbled by the way all the players on the album really "owned" these songs that they had just learned. They created some terrifically beautiful music that week! In the months after that, I added vocals, brought in a few more musicians to beef up a few tracks and the whole project was done in 4 months. I hope you enjoy!

1.1 Dead Man in a Dream
1.2 Chasin' the Sun
1.3 I Can't Love You Anymore
1.4 Dust
1.5 End of the Line
1.6 Wonderful
1.7 I've Been Accused
1.8 Rome
1.9 Not That I Don't
1.10 Good Day
1.11 Idlewild River
1.12 Not An Ordinary Woman
1.13 Angel from Montgomery

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