Big Band Sounds

Big Band Sounds: Big Band Sounds - Swing Era of 1930-1936

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Big Band Sounds

Title: Big Band Sounds - Swing Era of 1930-1936
Label: CD Baby

Well-versed in classical piano, the gifted Fletcher Henderson established the beginnings of swing music and the Big Band Sounds with the 1936 creation of 'Fletcher Henderson's Black Swan Jazz Masters.' He was soon to incorporate the sounds of Harlem, New Orleans and an unknown trumpeter, Louis Armstrong, by using whole sections of his band to swing like soloists. Duke Ellington and other bands soon caught on to the style. By 1934, the Dorsey Brothers introduced a bouncier sound in their swinging big band. Simultaneously, Benny Goodman, in conjunction with Fletcher Henderson arrangements, perfected even greater sounds and style. Thus, at a period when Americans needed distraction and comfort from the plague of the Great Depression, relief was found with the evolution of Big Band Sounds.

1.1 I've Found a New Baby (Benny Goodman Version)
1.2 Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington Version)
1.3 Muskrat Ramble (Bob Crosby Version)
1.4 Four or Five Times (Jimmie Lunceford Version)
1.5 Maniac's Ball (Casa Loma Version)
1.6 Hors D'oeuvre (Ambrose Version)
1.7 St Louis Blues (Dorsey Brothers Version)
1.8 Steppin' Pretty (Andy Kirk Version)
1.9 Sometimes I'm Happy (Benny Goodman Version)
1.10 Cavernism (Earl Hines Version)
1.11 King Porter Stomp (Benny Goodman Version)
1.12 Happy As the Day Is Long (Fletcher Henderson Version)
1.13 I'm Walking Through Heaven with You (Jimmie Lunceford Version)
1.14 White Jazz (Casa Loma Version)
1.15 Mahogany Hall Stomp (Louis Armstrong Version)
1.16 Blue Lou (Fletcher Henderson Version)
1.17 Dance of the Lame Duck (Casa Loma Version)
1.18 Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington Version)
1.19 Charmaine (Jimmie Lunceford Version)
1.20 Walk, Jennie, Walk (Benny Goodman Version)
1.21 Rosetta (Earl Hines Version)
1.22 Blue Skies (Benny Goodman Version)
1.23 Rockin' in Rhythm (Duke Ellington Version)
1.24 By Heck (Dorsey Brothers Version)
1.25 If Dreams Come True (Chick Webb Version)
1.26 Ja-Da (Tommy Dorsey Version)
1.27 Echoes of Harlem (Duke Ellington Version)
1.28 Rhythm Is Our Business (Jimmie Lunceford Version)
1.29 Mad House (Earl Hines Version)
1.30 Casa Loma Stomp (Casa Loma Version)

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