Big Willy

Big Willy: King Without a Crown

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Artist: Big Willy

Artist: Big Willy
Title: King Without a Crown

Big Willy is a Lansing, Michigan-area based guitar player, singer, and songwriter. Big Willy is also the name of his band, a quintet with a formidable sound. The band performs original rock music and is influenced by blues, soul, classic R&B, and jazz. With guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and saxophone in the mix, the music ranges from Stax Records-inspired funk to infectious hard rock grooves.

1.1 It Ain't Rocket Surgery
1.2 Slowly and Gently
1.3 Gotta Give in
1.4 King Without a Crown
1.5 The Only One
1.6 The Come Back
1.7 Indiana Wants to Kill Me (And Chicago Won't Let Me Go)
1.8 Unnecessary Roughness
1.9 Can't Win for Losin'
1.10 Caught Me in the Mood
1.11 Livin' the Blues

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