Bjork: Bastards: Remix

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Artist: Bjork

Artist: Bjork
Title: Bastards: Remix
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2012 collection of remixed tracks from Björk's critically-lauded 2011 album Biophilia. Bastards includes some of the remixes released in an eight-part series earlier this year, remastered for this album by Grammy-nominee Mandy Parnell, and features collaborations with Current Value, Death Grips, Hudson Mohawk, Alva Noto, Matthew Herbert, Omar Souleyman, 16-bit, These New Puritans, and the Slips. Björk also worked with her sound engineer Curver Thoroddsen to isolate a specific chapter of Matthew Herbert's Sacrifice' remix on the Pins & Needles' Mix found on the album.

1.1 Crystalline [Omar Souleyman Remix]
1.2 Virus [Hudson Mohawke Peaches ; Guacamol Rework]
1.3 Sacrifice [Death Grips Remix]
1.4 Sacrifice [Matthew Herbert Pins ; Needles Remix]
1.5 Mutual Core [These New Puritans Remix]
1.6 Hollow [16-Bit Remix]
2.1 Mutual Core [Matthew Herbert S Teutonic Plates Mix]
2.2 Thunderbolt [Death Grips Remix]
2.3 Dark Matter [Alva Noto Remodel]
2.4 Thunderbolt [Omar Souleyman Remix]
2.5 Solstice [Current Value Remix]
2.6 Moon [The Slips Remix]
2.7 Crystalline [Matthew Herbert Remix]

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