Black Mercy: For The Man That Has Everything Ep

Black Mercy: For The Man That Has Everything Ep
Title: For The Man That Has Everything Ep
Label: Insect Records
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Black Mercy, was born in Austin, TX at a small practice space on the city's east side with Jason Morales (Tia Carrera, Migas), Clarke Wilson (Those Peabodys, Total Diamonds), Joey Cortez (Employer, Employee), Ben Webster (Society OF Friends, Butcher Bear) and Noble Brown (Brick, Minority). All of these people have been playing in various bands around Austin with each other for over 20 years although this is the first time they've all played in the same project. As for the music, think 1981-84 punk/hardcore era Dischord Records or mid-nineties SPAZZ/west coast power violence movement, the midwest's Negative Approach, the northwest's Poison Idea, and you'll have an idea of what this powerhouse delivers on this unstoppable record. Black Mercy delivers total chaos over 8 songs in just under 10 minutes. What these guys are able to do in that time will leave you breathless. This 45 is available in 16 different color ways for the vinyl version of this release limited to 300 copies worldwide, hand stamped and numbered; the first 100 include a holographic sticker made by Kristin Autry.

1.1 Black Mercy
1.2 Take My Life
1.3 You've Been Warned
1.4 My World
1.5 Relic
1.6 This Can't Be Right
1.7 PTSD
1.8 DNR

Black Mercy: For The Man That Has Everything Ep

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