Blackalicious: The Craft

Blackalicious: The Craft
Title: The Craft
Label: Anti

With their 3rd full-length, Blackalicious have produced a record of suc hsonic depth and lrycial ambition that it can proudly stand alongside the world of Bay Area funk fathers Sly Stone and Shuggie Otis, or hip hop classics like Outkast's AQUERMINI and the Roots THINGS FALL APART. But THE CRAFT, isn't nostalgic for some golden era that never existed. Lyricist Gaby, moves beyond the introspection ofearlier albums and musically, Xcel accomplishes beats that touch on classic funk sidling cosily alongsiee the rochestra sweep of Stereolab. Features guest appearances by George clinton, Floetry, Lateef the Truth Speaker, and Pigeon John.

1.1 World of Vibrations
1.2 Supreme People
1.3 Rhythm Sticks
1.4 Powers
1.5 Your Move
1.6 Lotus Flower
1.7 My Pen ; Pad
1.8 Side to Side
1.9 Automatique
1.10 The Fall ; Rise of Elliot Brown
1.11 Black Diamonds ; Pearls
1.12 Give It to You
1.13 Egosonic War Drums
1.14 The Craft

Blackalicious: The Craft

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