Blackthorne: Blackthorne II: Don't Kill The Thrill - Previously

Blackthorne: Blackthorne II: Don&
Title: Blackthorne II: Don't Kill The Thrill - Previously
Label: Hne

Despite releasing only one album with 1993's "Afterlife", Blackthorne deserved to be much bigger, despite Kerrang! Magazine's assertion that, "Afterlife invites you to bang your head, raise yer fist and holler", and by Metal CD magazine as, "A collection of big, chest-beating anthems". A "super-group", in the truest sense, the original band featured Graham Bonnet, whose lengthy career includes a successful solo career, albums with Alcatrazz, which had featured early outings for both Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Steve Vai, spots with The Michael Schenker Group, Anthem and Impelliterri, but is probably best known for fronting the mainstream, commercial breakthrough for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, with 1979's "Down To Earth". Lead guitarist Bob Kulick established himself working with Meat Loaf and KISS. Jimmy Waldo is probably best known for his keyboards with Alcatrazz, and was previously in the AOR band New England. Blackthorne's line-up was completed by Quiet Riot's Frankie Banali on drums. Work began on a follow-up album, resulting in the first ten tracks featured here. The "lost" second album, "Don't Kill The Thrill" demonstrates what a powerful unit Blackthrone had become in a short period of time. The previously unreleased 10 track "Don't Kill The Thrill" album has been augmented by no less than 20 bonus tracks, including rare live recordings captured in the States and Japan. Hit Parader magazine concluded that this was a band with, "A Triple-A rated rock and roll pedigree, Blackthorne is a band that certainly knows everything there is to know about making great rock music. "This expanded collection features liner notes by Malcolm Dome, based on recent interviews with Graham Bonnet and Bob Kulick.

1.1 Don't Kill the Thrill
1.2 Wild Inside
1.3 Skeletons in the Closet
1.4 Dreamin in the Hideaway
1.5 Man in the Black Hat
1.6 Twist the Blade
1.7 Judgement Day
1.8 Insanity
1.9 Sanctuary
1.10 Paralyzed
1.11 Save Me
1.12 Afterlife/We Won't Be Forgotten (Live
1.13 Foundations Forum 1994)
1.14 Hard Feelings (Live Foundations Forum 1994)
1.15 Cradle to the Grave (Live Foundations Forum
1.16 1994)
1.17 Japan Sony Music TV Interview 1
1.18 Japan Sony Music TV Interview 2
1.19 Japan Sony Music TV Interview 3
1.20 UK TV Interview / We Won't Be Forgotten
1.21 (Acoustic in UK)
2.1 Desert Song (Foundations Forum 1994)
2.2 Breaking the Chains (Foundations Forum 1994)
2.3 All Night Long (Foundations Forum 1994)
2.4 Wild Inside (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
2.5 Since You Been Gone (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
2.6 Hard Feelings (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
2.7 Wishing Well (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
2.8 Baby You're the Blood (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
2.9 Will You Be Home Tonight (Fresno Aug 29th
2.10 1992)
2.11 Breaking the Chains (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
2.12 We Won't Be Forgotten (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
2.13 All Night Long (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
2.14 We Won't Be Forgotten (Acoustic - Live in Japan
2.15 1993)

Blackthorne: Blackthorne II: Don't Kill The Thrill - Previously

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