Blick Bassy: Ako

Blick Bassy: Ako
Title: Ako
Label: Also/No Format

After 10 years of performing with Macase, an inventive jazz fusion group with three singers, Blick grew frustrated with the lack of infrastructure for an artist in Cameroon and decided to move to Paris. It was there, in 2005, that Blick started his solo career, releasing his debut album Léman in 2009, and following it up with Hongo Calling in 2011. As with all albums from Blick Bassy, Akö sees the artist maintain a connection with his Cameroonian roots and the bassa language that he has been a champion of. The result is the most intimate album of Blick's career, and an opportunity to hear an artist perform with little pretence. As adept at bluesy finger-picking, jazz riffs or complex melodic patterns that reveal his Cameroonian roots, Blick proves himself to be a great blues player. On Akö, he recruited Clément Petit (cello), Fidel Fourneyron (trombone) Olivier Ker Ourio (harmonica) and Nicolas Repac (samples) to accompany his voice and guitar.

1.1 Aké
1.2 Kiki
1.3 Wap Do Wap
1.4 Loñ
1.5 Tell Me
1.6 One Love
1.7 SJ
1.8 Mama
1.9 NDJÉ Yèm
1.10 Moût
1.11 NDJÈL

Blick Bassy: Ako

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