Blondie: Sight & Sound

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Artist: Blondie

Artist: Blondie
Title: Sight & Sound

Best of Sight And Sound has 23 tracks, including all the usual suspects, but also has the sought-after mash-up 'Rapture Riders' which is a mix of the Doors 'Riders on the Storm' and Blondie's 'Rapture', 'In the Flesh' (Remix), 'Good Boys' (Blow Up Remix), 'Rapture' (Single Edit) and 'End to End'. The bonus DVD (PAL/Region 0) is the same as the Greatest Video Hits DVD, but instead of 'The Hardest Part' video, it has the 'Good Boys' video. *Please note you will need an All Code DVD player to view. EMI. 2005.

1.1 Heart of Glass
1.2 Sunday Girl
1.3 Atomic
1.4 Call Me
1.5 The Tide Is High
1.6 Rapture
1.7 Maria
1.8 In the Fles (Remix)
1.9 X Offender
1.10 Rip Her to Shreds
1.11 Denis
1.12 (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence
1.13 Dear
1.14 Picture This
1.15 Fade Away and Radiante
1.16 Hangaing on the Telephone
1.17 One Way or Another
1.18 Dreaming
1.19 Union City Blue
1.20 Island of Lost Souls
1.21 Good Boys (Blow- Up Mix)
1.22 End to End
1.23 Rapture Riders (Single Edit) Bonus Track
1.24 In the Flesh (D V D)
1.25 X Offender
1.26 Denis
1.27 Detroit 442
1.28 (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence
1.29 Dear
1.30 Picture This
1.31 Hangaing on the Telephone
1.32 Heart of Glass
1.33 Dreaming
1.34 The Hardest Part
1.35 Union City Blue
1.36 Atomic
1.37 The Tide Is High
1.38 Rapture
1.39 Island of Lost Souls
1.40 Maria
1.41 Good Boys

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