Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada: Music Has the Right to Children

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Boards of Canada
Title: Music Has the Right to Children

Reissue of Boards of Canada's debut album MUSIC HAS THE RIGHT TO CHILDREN. Featuring a bonus track "Happy Cycling" (previously available on their Peel Session). This album has been repackaged in a lush foldout cardboard digipak sleeve.

1.1 Wildlife Analysis
1.2 Eagle in Your Mind
1.3 Color of the Fire
1.4 Telephasic Workshop
1.5 Triangles ; Rhombuses
1.6 Sixtyten
1.7 Turquoise Hexagon Sun
1.8 Kaini Industries
1.9 Bocuma
1.10 Roygbiv
1.11 Rue the Whirl
1.12 Aquarius
1.13 Olson
1.14 Pete Standing Alone
1.15 Smokes Quantity
1.16 Open the Light
1.17 One Very Important Thought
1.18 Happy Cycling

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