Bobby Lindstrom & Elkhorn Express

Bobby Lindstrom & Elkhorn Express: Hungry Cold & Blue

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Artist: Bobby Lindstrom & Elkhorn Express
Title: Hungry Cold & Blue

Drummer Mike Carrillo and I traveled halfway around the United States along with bassist David Cooper and saxman C.W. Schwartz as The Bobby Lindstrom Band, performing most of these songs, and were received with open ears and arms and hearts wherever we played. From Street Vibrations in Reno to The Big Easy Concert House in Boise, to Blues Festivals from Idaho to Texas, live Clear Channel broadcasts, country bars, biker bars, and well, you know the stories, and after all that - back in our home town - Coos Bay, Oregon. The only recording of this material before now was my acoustic album, and when we hooked up with our old friend, brother and bassist Bill Jansen, and with a little help from more friends - found the ways and means to do what we needed and got this album done. It was recorded from October 2nd - November 20, 2009 at Portland Recording Studios. Our original plan was to record it in Steve Coates' kitchen, but as we neared his house natural forces intervened, and Rex Johnston of P.R.S. welcomed 'Dem Old Elks' into his domain. I regard it as one of the miracles which have been presenting themselves in a sort of cluster form lately. Like the old cowboy from Naches says: 'You never know where it's coming from'. The history behind Elkhorn Express is still talked about up and down the west coast, as it has been for decades. Bill Jansen, Mike Carrillo and I have musically grown up together, and I think you can easily hear the chemistry and magic has returned as it always did. The band that was a party before it was a band, named by the people of Coos County, is still alive and better than ever. The front cover photo was taken during my 'homeless' period at A.J. Osbornes in Burney, California; The back cover photo was taken impromptu (notice the two-day whiskers) at Rex Johnstons during the sessions. The inside cover collage is made up of pics taken at various venues and road trips in Oregon in the fall of 2009.

1.1 Along for the Ride
1.2 Mandatory Mad Ex Husband Blues
1.3 Hungry, Cold and Blue
1.4 Everything We Need
1.5 Rain
1.6 Down Under the Sun
1.7 Mystery Girl
1.8 Paint the Moon
1.9 You Can Get There from Here
1.10 Can't Pee Like a Puppy
1.11 Angels in the Kitchen

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