Boozoo Chavis

Boozoo Chavis: Boozoo Chavis

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Artist: Boozoo Chavis

Artist: Boozoo Chavis
Title: Boozoo Chavis

Boozoo Chavis was one of the early pioneers of Zydeco music. He only recorded a handful of albums do to his distrust of the music industry. His self titled album, Boozoo Chavis, originally came out on the Elektra offshoot label, American Explorer, in 1991. It has been out of print for years now but fans are still clamoring for this CD. Wounded Bird. 2008.

1.1 Boozoos Theme Song
1.2 I'm Ready Me
1.3 Dog Hill
1.4 Keep Your Dress Tail Down
1.5 Johnnie Billie Goat
1.6 Gilton
1.7 Goin' to la Maison
1.8 Forty One Days
1.9 Oh Yae Yae
1.10 Zydeco Hee Haw
1.11 Don't Worry About Boozoo
1.12 Bernadette
1.13 Bernadette

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