Boris: Dear

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Boris

Artist: Boris
Title: Dear
Product Type: VINYL LP

This was going to be the last Boris album. After nearly three decades, the Japanese trio wasn't sure they had anything left to express. Boris' impact on practically every heavy musical vein - metal, shoegaze, punk, noise and drone - has well-secured the band's legacy. "At the very first moment, this album began as some kind of potential farewell note of Boris," the band writes in a press release. "However, it became a sincere letter to fans and listeners... you know, like 'Dear so-and-so, this is the new album from Boris' or something like that. We feel so grateful we can release this album in our 25th anniversary year."

1.1 D.O.W.N -Domination of Waiting Noise-
1.2 Deadsong
1.3 Absolutego
1.4 Beyond
1.5 Kagero
1.6 Biotope
1.7 The Power
1.8 Memento Mori
1.9 Dystopia -Vanishing Point-
1.10 Dear

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