Borns: Dopamine

Borns: Dopamine
Title: Dopamine
Label: Interscope Records

This 2015 debut from the Cali-based singer is a twinkling, gorgeous soliloquy called The Emotion. When he spoke to Spin about the record earlier this summer, he promised there'd be no masking how he really felt. "It's hard to fake that," he says. "When you listen to music, you can tell if it's a real love song or not. I'm hoping that honesty will translate." He's stated during production he and Tommy English used "a lot of swoopy Beach Boys-esque harmonies" and that "Some of the songs were influenced by some old '60s and '70s Playboys, because those are the best ones in my opinion". The album has a very dark rock theme and clap beats surrounding effects.

1.1 10,000 Emerald Pools
1.2 Dug My Heart
1.3 Electric Love"
1.4 American Money
1.5 The Emotion
1.6 Holy Ghost
1.7 Past Lives
1.8 Clouds
1.9 Dopamine
1.10 Overnight Sensation
1.11 Fool

Borns: Dopamine

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