Boston: Don't Look Back

Boston: Dont Look Back
Title: Don't Look Back
Label: Sbme Special MKTS.

When Boston touched down with their second album Don't Look Back in 1978, much was made by earthbound rock writers of the two years that had elapsed in-between the band's wildly successful first musical visitation and this new dawn arrivin'. In hindsight, a mere couple of years of hard labor turned out to be the virtual blink of an eye compared to some later, rather more extended breaks in Boston's recording action in the decades that have followed. If certain folks thought two years was such a long time to wait for the second coming of Boston, well, their patience was soon to be tried and tried again. Don't Look Back turned out to be well worth the wait.

1.1 Don't Look Back
1.2 The Journey
1.3 It's Easy
1.4 A Man I'll Never Be
1.5 Feelin' Satisfied
1.6 Party
1.7 Used to Bad News
1.8 Don't Be Afraid

Boston: Don't Look Back

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