Bottom Line Duo

Bottom Line Duo: Spirit of Christmas

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Artist: Bottom Line Duo

Artist: Bottom Line Duo
Title: Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas: The only bass and cello duo Christmas album on the planet. The odd numbers add a bluesy jazz guitar. From a 40 second version of Twelve Days to the Chipmunk Song this lightly humored Christmas album, with improvised solos with melancholy holiday spirit, will quickly become a standard for your Holiday collection. Guest artist Ray Wood. From 2001: Blue Christmas - I wanted to introduce Ray and give him an opportunity to shine. His playing here sets the tone for the whole album. Traci grooves all the way through on the left side. Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Yeah, he's coming, he'll be here, you try and sleep. The idea that a supernatural being is coming to judge you on a yearly basis and will be in your home eating your milk and cookies freaks me out. I wanted an ominous, powerful, bigger than life sound plus an element of joy. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - The cello plays the melody and walks bass for the solo. An opportunity for the soloists to play merrily. Silver Bells - A simple arrangement with the verse. The voices are close and the harmony consists of chromatic twists and turns. Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me - My memory is of comedian John Candy in drag as 'Devine' standing on a sleigh being pulled across the stage via red garland by male dancers dressed in tights. He sings this song in a deep Baritone. The bass gets the melody and the cello boogies through the solo. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause - Is another example of a very bittersweet song that has imagery meaningful to everyone in very different ways. This is the way it makes me feel. Let it Snow/Jitterbug Waltz - I love Jitterbug Waltz and Let it Snow's melody at the end seems to twist into Jitterbug in my minds ear. It also adds another opportunity to improvise. The 12th day of Christmas - The Muppets did my favorite version of this tune. As an instrumental it would make no sense to do the song in it's entirety therefore we jumped ahead to the 12th day. I'm fond of the I-IV-iv-I cadence at the moment. It happens a couple of times on the album. The Christmas Song - is the ultimate Christmas Song. Let Traci sing! It Modulates - more than once! What to do with all these chords? The Little Drummer Boy - I had an idea, then I had second thoughts, and then I said...If it doesn't make you smile then listen again. This is the one sound on the album that says exactly when this record was made.

1.1 Blue Christmas
1.2 White Christmas
1.3 Chipmunk Song
1.4 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
1.5 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
1.6 Silver Bells
1.7 Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me
1.8 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
1.9 Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow/Jitterbug Waltz
1.10 The 12th Day of Christmas
1.11 The Christmas Song
1.12 Drummer Boy

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