Bow Thayer

Bow Thayer: Shooting Arrows at the Moon

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Artist: Bow Thayer

Artist: Bow Thayer
Title: Shooting Arrows at the Moon

This collection of songs is an attempt to tell the timeless stories within the human heart; some are funny, some are just stories and some are brutally true. They are stripped down to their fundamental framework in hopes that it will remind us of that common thread that links the past and the future. It all started when Kristina invited me on over to her house to pluck some strings. My pickup truck barely made it up the mountain road to Pepperbox Studio but even at the zenith of mud season I was instantly captured by the beauty of an area I should be used to. I could see across the valleys to the Delectable Mountain range where my place is and had this other worldly feeling of being home. Well, the rest flowed like the bottle of wine the dog kicked over. To ensure the vitality of the music we kept it simple: I sang and played the songs live and Kristina either played along or did a track after I left. A few more sessions in early summer and we decided we needed a third ingredient. I had heard about Patrick and was open to the idea of having him play even though he had no idea of what the material was. Apparently that didn't matter; as the fire-flies flickered outside mimicking the stars and the heat lightning flashed in silence, Patrick channeled the gods and played with fluid intuitiveness thus sinking the nail on this unforeseen project. We hope you'll enjoy the result.

1.1 Born to Be
1.2 Catskill Stone
1.3 The Tango Rose
1.4 Shooting Arrows at the Moon
1.5 Suicide Kings
1.6 Harpoon Song
1.7 Crooked Blaze
1.8 Carla Dupree
1.9 Lock It Down
1.10 Dawning
1.11 Allston Brighton
1.12 Jump Before the Trainwreck
1.13 Way of the Gun
1.14 Waltzing on the Wayside

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