Bowling for Soup

Bowling for Soup: Lunch Drunk Love

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Bowling for Soup
Title: Lunch Drunk Love

With heartfelt breakup songs like "Since We Broke Up" and "Envy," upbeat pop-culture / name dropping songs that only BFS can pull off such as "Normal Chicks," and a surprising cover of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians song "Circle," this could actually prove to be Bowling for Soups most well rounded album to dateand it's number freakin fourteen for these dudes!

1.1 Critically Disdained
1.2 Since We Broke Up
1.3 Real
1.4 And I Think You Like Me Too
1.5 Envy
1.6 I Am Waking Up Today
1.7 Circle
1.8 Right About Now
1.9 Couple of Days
1.10 Kevin Weaver
1.11 Rooftops
1.12 How Far This Can Go
1.13 Normal Chicks

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