Brains Behind Pa

Brains Behind Pa: Better for the Deal

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Artist: Brains Behind Pa
Title: Better for the Deal

'Better for the Deal' is the second The Brains Behind Pa release. It contains all original material that incorporates new ideas with the essence of the older music the band loves. While this album is certainly more contemporary than 'Old Hat,' it would be inaccurate to describe it as 'modern.' The songs were written not only to explore those styles and subjects that interest the band, but also to highlight the strengths of the band. A vast majority of it was recorded live over a two-year period beginning in the spring 2004 at The Lodge studios in Indianapolis, with Michael Graham serving as engineer and co-producer. Released April, 2006. * Garry Bole: Accordion, Piano, Mandolin, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ * Gordon Bonham: National resophonic guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, harmony and lead vocals * Jeff Chapin: Drums * Bill Price: Acoustic and electric guitar, electric 12-string guitar, harmonica and lead vocals * Jeff Stone: Electric and acoustic bass.

1.1 Look Out Below
1.2 The Other Side of the River
1.3 Mudroom
1.4 Drowning of Thirst
1.5 Business Burlesque
1.6 Ugly Street
1.7 City of Indians
1.8 Running Still
1.9 Cold Enough to Snow
1.10 Queen of the Martyrs
1.11 Lookin' Crooked
1.12 The Point of Departure
1.13 Silver Spade
1.14 Those Drier Side Blues
1.15 Ship of State

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