Breathless: Three Times & Waving

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Breathless

Title: Three Times & Waving
Label: CD Baby

"Firmament splicing guitar buoyed up by the voice of an angel vocals" Music Week Breathless' widely acclaimed second album Three Times And Waving was recorded and co mixed by John Fryer, best known for his work with This Mortal Coil and The Cocteau Twins. Three Times And Waving features the first recordings with new drummer Martyn Watts who had recently joined Breathless after leaving Danielle Dax. Breathless play shimmering Space Rock soundscapes and love lost laments merging the haunting desolation of Low with the explosive crescendos and brooding atmospherics of Spiritualized and early Pink Floyd. Breathless' singer Dominic Appleton is also well known for his work with This Mortal Coil, contributing lead vocals on both Filigree And Shadow and Blood. Breathless Three Times And Waving Melody Maker 1987 Breathless are beyond psychodelia's disturbances and free- form emancipation, for all the traces of it that can still be heard in "Three TImes And Waving". Instead they travel the conduits between late Sixties and early Seventies guitar rock and the sublime oblivion that the new progressives (4AD bands like the Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil) project. The closest here to the Cocteaus are "Sold Down The River" and "Waiting On The Wire" . In "Waiting" great unoccupied spaces open up behind the delayed monolith guitar chords and albescent glaze of lightweight drum programmes, until it all falls away into the hammered steel. There's a different, but parallel, path to seizure in "Dizzy Life", which submits halfwy thropugh to deliberaate, suspended guitar chords that could be mid Seventies Pink Floyd. But "Is It Good News Today?" and "Working For Space" pass nearer to the rapt meanderings of Syd Barrett's "Careful With That Axe". They succumb to a raga-rock dazzlement and trance, reach critical mass anddisappear in their own solar flare. Bearings are forgotten in "Let's Make A Night Of It", as sound propogates through imaginary canopies until it's a clouded precipitate that seems to be miles accross. From this white-out, it's short step to another 4AD band Dif Juz: it's their perpetually arrested guitar attack and phosphorescent nebula of sound that's heard in "Say September Sings" . Breathless tear up their copntracts with this world and withdraw into the infatuation of sound itself . Just listen to a bandthat's in a state of grace.

1.1 Sold Down the River
1.2 Is It Good News Today?
1.3 Three Times and Waving
1.4 Into the Fire
1.5 Working for Space
1.6 Waiting on the Wire
1.7 Dizzy Life
1.8 Say September Sings
1.9 Let S Make a Night of It

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