Brothertiger: Future Splendors

Brothertiger: Future Splendors
Title: Future Splendors
Artist: Brothertiger
Label: Mush
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 663405129013
Genre: Pop

Future Splendors is the nostalgic new ten-track album from synth-pop darling, Brother tiger. The follow-up to his debut, Golden Years, steps up on every conceivable front. The luxurious synth and production work is intricate and enveloping, the melodies and lyrics are undeniably strong, and the vocals are notably confident, yielding the best Brother tiger songs to date. Beholden to purest eighties' synth-pop, the album operates as a collection of cinematic moments, drowned in glowing neon. Whether it's the pop-grandeur of lead single, "In Mind" or the arpeggiated synth bass and dancefloor tested drum kit that sneaks into title track, Future Splendors delivers again and again as an homage to the never-ending summers of youth.

1.1 Up From Below 4:01
1.2 In Mind 4:37
1.3 Crazy, Again 4:04
1.4 Streets Of Chance 3:51
1.5 You Should Know 4:25
1.6 Particle Horizon 4:12
1.7 Future Splendors 5:48
1.8 Memorybank (For Adam) 2:54
1.9 Further On 4:31
1.10 Lost 4:15

Brothertiger: Future Splendors

Product-type:VINYL LP

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