Bryan Wood

Bryan Wood: Day in Grand Rapids

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Artist: Bryan Wood

Artist: Bryan Wood
Title: Day in Grand Rapids

A Day in Grand Rapids is a whirlwind of honesty and emotion! A Day in Grand Rapids is a whirlwind of honesty and emotion opening with a melodic tune reminiscent of the progression of love. From there the album transitions perfectly into the whimsical 'Bright Eyes'. The angst in the bluesy song 'Pretty Devil' gives the album fine twist and a bit of a dark side. It gets brutally honest in 'Withering Man', a song about the consequences of trust. ' A Day in Grand Rapids' speaks for it's self . The edgy title track alone will hook you right away! The coffee shop esk 'Awkward Situation' sheds a little comic relief on this work of art with a story that people can relate to. 'Play the fool' is a redemptive drone that contemplates the weight of ones soul against a shallow world of instant gratitude. 'Skin to Skin' is a soul filled song of truth and raw passion that leaves you wanting more! The album finish is perfect! The haunting tune 'An Empty Homily' will give you chills! It's certainly music you can feel! This album is a must!

1.1 Summer Girl
1.2 Bright Eyes
1.3 Pretty Devil
1.4 Withering Man
1.5 A Day in Grand Rapids
1.6 Awkward Situation
1.7 Play the Fool
1.8 Skin to Skin
1.9 An Empty Homily

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