Buck Baran

Buck Baran: Just Another Hole

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Buck Baran

Title: Just Another Hole
Label: CD Baby

Climb aboard and fasten your seatbelts for a ride through a hole into the musical mind of Buck Baran where you'll hear a collection of eccentric melodic alternative pop-rock. Buck Baran - Vocal Guitar Keyboard Tambourine Soft Machine Lenny Magnifico - Bass (Vocals - 'Horizontal Real Estate') Prof. Roland Tulez - Drums Percussion Yendor Kcoztips - Harmonica A BANJO PHASER A MUSIC PRODUCTION.

1.1 Clickity Clack
1.2 Nobody's Footsteps
1.3 Brand New Leaf
1.4 The Haunted Castle
1.5 Horizontal Real Estate
1.6 Help's on the Way
1.7 Look at Me
1.8 Good to Be Seen
1.9 Just Another Hole
1.10 I'm Cool
1.11 What's Up?

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