Buck Owens: Buck Owens

Buck Owens: Buck Owens
Artist: Buck Owens
Title: Buck Owens
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP repressing. Buck Owens is the debut album on Capitol Records by Buck Owens, released in 1961. It would mark the beginning of a long association for Owens with producer Ken Nelson. Owens' single "High as the Mountain" reached #27 on the Billboard Country Singles charts. Buck Owens had 21 #1 hits on the Billboard country music charts with his band the Buckaroos. They pioneered what came to be called the Bakersfield sound, a reference to Bakersfield, California, the city Owens called home and from which he drew inspiration for what he preferred to call American music. While Owens originally used fiddle and retained pedal steel guitar into the 1970s, his sound on records and onstage was always more stripped-down and elemental, incorporating elements of rock and roll. His signature style was based on simple storylines, infectious choruses, a twangy electric guitar, an insistent rhythm supplied by a drum track placed forward in the mix, and high two-part harmonies featuring Owens and his guitarist Don Rich.

1.1 Above and Beyond 2:25
1.2 Second Fiddle 2:04
1.3 Tired of Livin' 2:00
1.4 I Gotta Right to Know 2:32
1.5 Excuse Me 2:20
1.6 I'll Give My Heart to You 2:05
2.1 Under Your Spell Again 2:40
2.2 My Everlasting Love 2:15
2.3 Take Me Back Again 2:35
2.4 Til These Dreams Come True 2:25
2.5 Walk the Floors 2:20
2.6 I'll Take a Chance on Loving You 2:01

Buck Owens: Buck Owens

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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