Bucktown Tiger

Bucktown Tiger: Orange & Black: The Furst Album

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Artist: Bucktown Tiger

Artist: Bucktown Tiger
Title: Orange & Black: The Furst Album

Introducing a story in verse about a musical artist in search of himself. Alone in his inner feelings for years on end, the artist seeks the companionship of those most like him and yearns to be accepted and loved just for who he is. He also strives to share his long-hidden creative talents with a receptive audience of those who will understand his music most. Orange and Black: The Furst Album is the story of how a young man finds all these things--and so much more. Bucktown Tiger was a fledgling, newly-minted college graduate when he first found his musical self. He had written a couple of fun songs--more like personal anthems--and had long had dreams of making his own CD, but it was at a concert in Memphis in 2005 where Bucktown got the inspiration to set off to create something that he would always cherish as his own--a musical mirror image of himself. Over the next two years, he would overcome steep production hurdles and limited resources, scrimping and saving and rolling up coins to acquire new equipment with which to record. Orange and Black: The Furst Album is the culmination of these efforts, combining soulful piano tunes with powerful lyrics from the heart, into twelve riveting tracks. Bucktown takes his moniker from the nickname of his hometown of Brinkley, Arkansas, where he was born and raised and where his family still lives. Brinkley's high school mascot is the tiger, an animal whose gracefulness, strength, and unwavering willpower Bucktown greatly admires and aspires to. A poet and pianist since grade school, Bucktown was always full of creative talent, but it was online social networking that provided him the catalyst to create music about and for the communities that consume a big part of his life. Since then, Bucktown has performed concerts and pieces at conventions and charity events from coast to coast. Bucktown feels that his music should be a reflection of the life that he knows and lives. Knowing that we can make more money, but we can't make more time, Bucktown believes that we should spend our time like it's our time, and he strives to do that each and every day, both in his music and in his life.

1.1 Altaican Pledge
1.2 Wanna Be Heard
1.3 Tigerchant
1.4 Throw Your Paws Up
1.5 Get Your Yiff on
1.6 Today's Not Cool Award
1.7 How I Love You
1.8 Rolling Up Coins
1.9 PCD
1.10 Still Me
1.11 Start
1.12 Shoutouts

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