Burden Remains: Fragments

Burden Remains: Fragments
Title: Fragments
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Burden Remains was founded in 2010, when the thrash metal band Cideraid decided to change their name due to a massive advancement through the years. Nowadays the fourpiece is way more than a simple thrash metal combo. The Burden Remains enriched their creation with a lot more psychodelic and modern metal elements and let them perfectly melt together with their past influencies. As result they build a musicial sea for listeners which makes them wanna steep to discover new levels again and again. 'Fragments' is an album lyrically divided in four acts as a human protagonist contemplates his individuality, spirals towards isolation, collapses along with his world view, and finally capitulates under the weight of these revelations. Musically the band is making a stand between the modern elements of it's debut album 'Downfall Of Man' and the spontaneous approach on the ´The Bikini Blues-Sessions'-EP. The basics of 'Fragments' were recorded live at Blend Studio / Lutry. Mixing and mastering took place in the beginning of 2014 at the hands of Raphaël Bovey (Abraham, Zatokrev, Impure Wilhelmina).

1.1 ... and I Beheld the Strings
1.2 Among the Shards
1.3 A Thousand Lives
1.4 Keep to the Script
1.5 Wander the Desert
1.6 Horror Vacui
1.7 I, Stillborn
1.8 Govern the Sleepers

Burden Remains: Fragments

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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