Burnt Sugar

Burnt Sugar: If You Cant Dazzle Them with Youre Brilliance Then

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Artist: Burnt Sugar

Artist: Burnt Sugar
Title: If You Cant Dazzle Them with Youre Brilliance Then

Need an inexpensive emotional-release trigger? Heed the words of blogger Taphead who says when listing his favorite live shows, 'Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, 2006, @ Tampere Jazz Happening. When this one really kicked in, I had to physically repress the urge to stand up and scream my lungs out. The first half hour after the show I spent in a state where I was mostly able to cry. Note: I am not overly emotional and I do not do drugs at shows.' You had to be there for that experience, but you can purchase this release and see what happens. This two-CD set is the eighth release and second live release by Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber. The first live release,'Not April in Paris,' is from the Sugar's appearance at the 21st edition of the Banlieues Bleues Festival in Bobigny, France on March 19th,2004. On the following two nights,March 20th and 21st, the Arkestra Chamber performed at the Donostiako Jazzaldia Festival in San Sebastian, Spain and at the Musiques de Nuits Festival in Bordeaux, France. 'Dazzle' consists of performances from those two concerts, in addition to selections from appearances at the 2004 edition of the Vision Festival and a date at Club Tonic, both in New York City. 'Dazzle'and 'Not April in Paris' offer night-after-night audio proof to the mercurial musical fervor of Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, and that's no Blisluth!

1.1 Night in Tunisia - 1
1.2 Night in Tunisia - 2
1.3 Greetings from Takemistu
1.4 The Name Is Blount - Sonny Blount
1.5 Ostinato for Octavia Estelle Butler - 1
1.6 O for Oeb -2
1.7 O for Oeb -3
1.8 Himatsuri (Fire Festival) - 1
1.9 Himatsuri - 2
1.10 Himatsuri - 3
1.11 Himatsuri - 4
1.12 Himatsuri - 5
1.13 Mack Jarrett

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