Bury Your Dead

Bury Your Dead: Mosh N Roll

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Artist: Bury Your Dead

Artist: Bury Your Dead
Title: Mosh N Roll

MOSH N ROLL features the return of vocalist Mat Bruso. Bury Your Dead has sold over 300,000 albums worldwide and will be headlining this summers OVER THE LIMIT 2 Tour with Evergreen Terrace, for the Fallen Dreams, in the Midst of Lions, Thick As Blood, Betrayal, Hundreth and Murder Death Kill.

1.1 Slaughterhouse-Five
1.2 Nothing Is Lost Save Honor
1.3 Bluebeard
1.4 The Sirens of Titan
1.5 Deadeye Dick
1.6 Timequake
1.7 Sun Moon Star
1.8 Slapstick
1.9 Mother Night
1.10 Jailbird
1.11 Mosh 'N Roll

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