Carl Anderson & His New Orleans Jazz Band

Carl Anderson & His New Orleans Jazz Band: Second Line

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Artist: Carl Anderson & His New Orleans Jazz Band
Title: Second Line

The term 'Second Line' has many meanings in New Orleans Jazz. The actual term refers to the traditional parades that featured Dixieland Bands for funerals and other special events. The VIPs would lead the parade followed by a strolling jazz band. That capitvating music would soon draw parasol-toting revelers onto the streets, where they would join the parade to create a 'Second Line' behind the band. 'Second Line' became synonymous with a Latin-influenced rhythm accociated these parades and the great New Orleans drummer Paul Barbarin wrote a tune with the same title featuring this sound. Ironically, Barbarin died while drumming in such a New Orleans parade playing the very 'Second Line' rhythm he coined. We have tried to capture his spirit in this title tune as well as Barbarin's 'Bourbon St. Parade'. In music groups, the term 'Second Line' or 'back line' also refers to the rhythm section musicians including the banjo, piano, drums, and string bass. While rarely featured and relegated to the back of the band behind the solo horns, they make up the backbone of the sound. On this album I have tried to bring them up front and feature their fantastic musical talent. So, this album is dedicated to Lance, Denny, Jeremy, and own 'Second Line'!

1.1 The Muppet Show
1.2 Bourbon St. Parade
1.3 S'wonderful
1.4 Basin St. Stomp
1.5 Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
1.6 The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
1.7 Fidgety Feet
1.8 The Mooche
1.9 Mean to Me
1.10 Boston in the Rain
1.11 Rhythm King
1.12 If I Had You
1.13 The Entertainer
1.14 The Second Line

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