Caspar Vos

Caspar Vos: Ego: Nikolai Medtner

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Artist: Caspar Vos

Artist: Caspar Vos
Title: Ego: Nikolai Medtner

Caspar Vos presents his musical spirit with this long-expected debut album Ego via the piano music of Nikolai Medtner. This 20h Century composer had a dislike of decoration and modernities; he just wrote passionate and enchanting works with the techniques that were available. As is the playing of Vos, who plays in fact without any ego: with ease and without rush, always in favor of the score and with love for melody and harmony. The 29-year old pianist won the Dutch Classical Talent audience award in 2017 for his 'programme without a programme' tour. Again Caspar Vos will charm music lovers, but this time with the still quite underrated music of Medtner.

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