Caustic Casanova

Caustic Casanova: God How I Envy the Deaf (Yellow Vinyl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: God How I Envy the Deaf (Yellow Vinyl)
Label: Magnetic Eye
Product Type: VINYL LP

One of the most excitingly innovative bands on the planet... at home in psych, prog, metal, punk, and seemingly every other genre in the galaxy. A muscular, riff-roaring, bass-fuzzed blend of metal and hard rock, flavored with doses of noise and stoned psychedelia.

1.1 Fancy English
1.2 Filth Castle
1.3 If Your Brain is Properly Oiled
1.4 Memory King
1.5 Donut and the Golden Hen
1.6 Taos Lightning
1.7 Truth Syrup
1.8 Roger B. Taney
1.9 Boxed and Crated

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