Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay: Deadpan Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cautious Clay

Title: Deadpan Love
Label: Cautious Clay Music

Debut album from Cleveland born, NYC-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer- songwriter, and artist Cautious Clay. Deadpan Love, which includes previously released singles "Roots," "Dying In The Subtlety," and "Agreeable," warps influences from R&B, Hip Hop and Indie Pop in Cautious' trademark sophisticated songwriting and jazz- and blues- inflected instrumentation. "Deadpan Love explores the ways I cope with the worst of what humanity has to offer," says Cautious. "It's about opposites-having an outer layer that's tougher, this "deadpan" state, and an inner layer of compassion, where you're open to being there for the people you care about. It's this warring compassion and cynicism that has empowered me to express myself through this medium."

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