Central Executives: Walk in the Dark

Central Executives : Walk in the Dark
Title: Walk in the Dark
Label: Golf Channel Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

So, enter the label's latest LP from Mind Fair's housier alias The Central Executives, whose project could've formed weeks ago, or perhaps be unearthed recordings from a loft party that went a few weeks longer than planned back in '87. But regardless of when it was actually recorded, there's a live-recorded exuberance that's part Arthur Russell, part ACT UP protest, part disco-punk ensemble ironing out the kinks in their act in some Queens basement with black mould spreading all around the ceiling. Golf Channel has called this record "the back street escapism these troubled times demand"- and maybe escapism is the word that encapsulates the timeless anonymity of my favourite Golf Channel offerings. In any case, A Walk in the Dark is an absolute burner of an LP - there's not a single moment on it that doesn't reveal something new with every listen, and for all it's retro influences, it's still packed with surprises. It's the gruff bodega owner who starts smiling at you after figuring out that you're queer, but only when no one else is around. It's smoking inside, it's someone's radio blaring out the window, it's Broadway before Disney bought out all the bars - it's New York.

1.1 High Roads
1.2 Dance Dance Dance
1.3 Loveray 79
1.4 Waveform Reform
1.5 Power Point
1.6 Velvet
1.7 A Walk in the Dark
1.8 Shut Ya Face
1.9 I Wanna
1.10 Take You Home

Central Executives: Walk in the Dark

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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