Chasing Bluebirds

Chasing Bluebirds: Songs with Character

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Artist: Chasing Bluebirds
Title: Songs with Character

'Songs with Character' was created by school counselor Lindsey Zabelski. The album embodies many character education traits ranging from conflict resolution and kindness to hygiene and manners. The CD is perfect for educators, counselors, and parents to share with the important children in their lives. There is an educational manual with lessons and activies for every song available to accompany the CD at their website

1.1 Keep Your Hands to Yourself
1.2 Help I'm a Little Smelly
1.3 Rise Above the Test
1.4 Always Show Gratitude
1.5 The Bad Manners Blues
1.6 Tell the Real Story
1.7 We All Have Feelings
1.8 Worry Less
1.9 Start with the Heart
1.10 Being a Good Student
1.11 How to Treat a Friend
2.1 Character Education for Elementary Students
2.2 Kids Music
2.3 Character Education Songs
2.4 Childrens Music
2.5 Character Education Lessons

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