Chicago Yestet

Chicago Yestet: Jazz Is Politics?

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Artist: Chicago Yestet

Artist: Chicago Yestet
Title: Jazz Is Politics?

The Chicago Yestet is a small big band with seven biting horns, a rhythm section featuring some of Chicago's hardest pocket players, with the spoken word sophistry of Rob Dz. Some of it swings, some of it rocks but all of it grooves. Some of it hits hard politically but all of it's original. Some of it has the power of a big band but all of it maintains the openness and creativity of a small group. In the spirit of bipartisanship, it's music that reaches across the aisle and smacks you in the mouth. Peace...

1.1 The Decider
1.2 Yo-Yo
1.3 Solace
1.4 Domestic Tranquility
1.5 Holy, Holy, Holy
1.6 Ethnicity
1.7 Peace Dance

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