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Cinder Cone: Cinder Cone

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Artist: Cinder Cone

Artist: Cinder Cone
Title: Cinder Cone

Minimalist rock outfit Cinder Cone hails from Los Angeles and consists of two members. Only two, you say? Impossible. Even their live sound suggests a veritable army of sound makers. On top of that, Cinder Cone creates it's sound live without the use/hindrance of computers, sampling, or keyboards-they only employ drums, guitar, and throat. Even live, though, the band notably sounds as if drummer David Foley has at least 8 arms and, at times, as though guitar player Anthony Fournier is playing two guitars at once, creating a massive wall of aural bombast. Released in early 2007, this self-titled album is Cinder Cone\'s first release. The music was actually recorded in December of 2004 when the band had only been together for a few months, and had only practiced a handful of times due to one of the members finishing up school on the East Coast. It was the first time either David or Anthony had recorded and put out an album, and they learned as they went along. After a few sporadic vocal sessions and some help from some of the band\'s bass playing friends, the album was completed and released.

1.1 WMCB
1.2 Thanksgiving
1.3 You and a Breach
1.4 Devotchka
1.5 Namesake
1.6 Riding with Heretic
1.7 Martin Vaz
1.8 Brynn Star
1.9 Under Ceilings
1.10 Urban Edict

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