Circumpolar: Awaiting The Dawn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Circumpolar

Title: Awaiting The Dawn
Label: Alfa Matrix

Originating from the freezing misty side of Sweden, newcomer act Circumpolar took the dark elektro scene by surprise with the release of their "We Will Remain" EP, defending a solid and uncompromised darkish artistic attitude while standing strong on their sound identity roots from the 80's golden age of electro goth wave music. On this aptly titled full length album "Awaiting The Dawn", Jonas Mattsson and Patrik Wallin deploy their very own sonic arsenal in dream-like haunting soundscapes where dynamic powerful bass lines and ghostly atmospheric electronic sounds wrap up the singer's deep enigmatic vocals and sublimate them into addictive swirling suggestive choruses that rapidly stick to your mind. While acknowledging musical influences as different and varied as FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, SKINNY PUPPY, ROME, SUICIDE, THE CURE or yet FRONT 242, Circumpolar proudly present and impose their very own style of dark industrial / EBM, bringing us on a poignant and somber journey through space and time, exploring ancient rites, dreamlike landscapes of horrors and disasters, evoking memories from the past and the future, in a wasteland of twisted dreams... With this true chef d'oeuvre of ultimate darkness, Circumpolar invite us leaving our memories behind, transforming us into travelers in time, guiding our immortal souls through the horrors of chaos, the shadows of disintegration and celestial regeneration through hopes and fears... Groovy and gloomy! Circumpolar will remain... until the end of time. The limited CD edition of the album comes out as a nice digipak double-CD with a 9-track bonus disc gathering the two "We Will Remain" and "Until The End Of Time" EP's which appear on CD for the very first time.

1.1 A Wasteland of Dreams
1.2 Awaiting the Dawn
1.3 Immortal Souls
1.4 Waiting in the Rain
1.5 A Celestial Ocean
1.6 Let the Light Come in
1.7 We Will Die Again
1.8 Illusions of Reality
1.9 Into the Darkness
1.10 Shadows of the Wasteland
2.1 Lost in Time
2.2 We Will Remain
2.3 Echoes from the Past
2.4 Into the Heart of the Sun
2.5 In a Distant Sky
2.6 The Rain Will Burn
2.7 Until the End of Time
2.8 When the Time Is Right
2.9 I Can See the Dawn

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