Classical Jam

Classical Jam: Classical Jam Live!

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Artist: Classical Jam

Artist: Classical Jam
Title: Classical Jam Live!

Classical Jam (CJ), a vibrant ensemble of flute, percussion, violin, viola and cello, brings five of the most highly demanded soloists and chamber musicians together. CJ is best known for it's engaging and lively presentations for today's contemporary audiences, thought provoking concert themes, and wide-ranging repertoire from Renaissance dance music, traditional classical works, CJ's very own arrangements from Gershwin to Piazzolla, to original compositions by members of CJ and other living composers.

1.1 Fracanappa
1.2 Serenade in C Major, Op. 10-Tema Con Variazioni
1.3 Serenade in C Major, Op. 10-Rondo
1.4 Dansyre- Pavane II la Dona
1.5 Dansyre- Gaillarde VIII
1.6 Dansyre- Ronde I; Pour Quoy
1.7 Dansyre- Bergerette
1.8 Devil Dance
1.9 Samai'i Shira
1.10 Jet Whistle
1.11 Serenade, Op. 68-Aubade
1.12 Serenade, Op. 68-Nocturne
1.13 Gershwin- Prelude No. 1
1.14 Fuga y Misterio

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