Clovis Mann

Clovis Mann: Dues

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Artist: Clovis Mann

Artist: Clovis Mann
Title: Dues

The second offering from this heavy-gigging Midwestern power trio, Clovis Mann\'s DUES showcases the band experimenting with new genres and craftsmanship while showcasing their excellent musical abilities. This album features plenty of the straight-ahead blues-rockers Clovis Mann is known for, as well as country-rock (Everything\'s Fallin\' Apart), R&B (Starvin\'), and even gospel (Turpentine/Wade in the Water). An excellent follow-up to the band\'s seminal, self-titled album. The rhythm section of Stosh Jonjak and Ethan Noordyk is as tight and bombastic as ever, augmenting the high-flying, transcendent soloing of Dan Walkner. Deep lyrics speak of rustic Americana, the woes of the working class, and longing, with an undercurrent of redemption. Great craftsmanship, polished production, overall an excellent album you\'ll enjoy listening to from front to back--and pine for until you play it again.

1.1 Highway's End
1.2 Turpentine/Wade in the Water
1.3 Jackson
1.4 Way Through
1.5 How It Is
1.6 Star Fade Away
1.7 Everything's Fallin' Apart
1.8 Close to the Edge
1.9 Starvin'
1.10 Whiskey Still

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