Cocorosie: La Maison de Mon Reve

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Artist: Cocorosie

Artist: Cocorosie
Title: La Maison de Mon Reve
Product Type: VINYL LP

A vinyl version of the CD that was released in March 2004. The record has been gathering avid fans across the country and Europe has been working hard to make them superstars. These two sisters make an original style of music with delicate vocals and intricate instrumentation that stands beside the most modern and innovative artists today including Devandra Bernhart, Joanna Newsome an many more.

1.1 Terrible Angels
1.2 By Your Side
1.3 Jesus Loves Me
1.4 Good Friday
1.5 Not for Sale
1.6 Tahiti Rain Song
1.7 Candyland
1.8 Butterscotch
1.9 West Side
1.10 Madonna
1.11 Hatian Love Songs
1.12 Lyla

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