Cola-Cola: Cola-Cola

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Artist: Cola-Cola

Artist: Cola-Cola
Title: Cola-Cola

Cola-Cola is a Los Angeles formed rock band by way of a red river and the Great Lakes. Through the Cascade Range and the California Delta. By migration and like-mindedness. Loose screws, duct tape and b-sides. Melodies were selected, revised and harmonized. There were discussions of kick sounds, folk revivals and Excite Bike. Eventually the drum kit was assembled, the guitars were tuned and the microphones were strategically placed. Notes were taken and a postcard was written in free verse. The result? This self titled debut. A blend of deceptively simplistic melodies stirred up with big beats, vocal harmonies, and loud guitars, the songs on COLA-COLA's debut EP are as catchy as they are head bopping. The band manages to keep things poppy while still maintaining a healthy balance of style and substance in the overall sound. From start to finish, the six songs on this EP spank your eardrums with indie rock goodness, begging you to sing along.

1.1 Very Start
1.2 Paper Bird
1.3 Vasomotor
1.4 Electric Wing
1.5 True
1.6 House on a Hill

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