Cold.Hard.: On the Lam

Cold.Hard.: On the Lam
Title: On the Lam
Label: CD Baby

COLD.HARD. Is a guitar- driven rock and roll band with a trace of keyboards thrown in as the ice wagon flew by. ' ON THE LAM ' is the new CD release of their critically acclaimed vinyl album which includes six new tunes, penned and played by the uninsurable Randy Would, aided by the redoubtable Douglas Gordon Harris and abetted by a crafty crew of mystery-makers.Their music has been described as haunted and pretty in one breath,ragged and biting in the next. This is perhaps due to the diverse regions where these works were first imagined,be it Beacon Hill, Boston;Hell's kitchen in Manhattan,or the spectral Indian burial grounds of old Woodstock in upstate New York,Randy's muses were in overdrive..... '--this is a refreshing album,pretty strong stuff,bohemian,indifferent cool........' Aaron Milenski - The Acid Archives '--tense and catchy' Jason Gross - The Village Voice '--stark and stunning '...Cenci and Harris were a devastating rhythm section, kicking the crap out of these songs while Chmielinski turned in some nice lead guitar throughout the set.' - Bad Cat Records '--this sounds exactly like Dylan should have sounded in 1981,but unfortunately never did' - Marcel Koopman's Rare Records,The Netherlands '--Randy Would sounds like he's spent at least 10 years hanging out in the wrong streets of Manhattan (pre-gentrification) and picked up old fragments of Lou Reed's and Bob Dylan's souls that were left in the gutter.' -Renaissance Fair-Rare psychedelic Auctions.

1.1 Screwed
1.2 Media-Ized (Radio Girls)
1.3 NY Survivor
1.4 Nausea #2
1.5 Broken
1.6 Driven Away
1.7 It Was the End of the Movie Anyway
1.8 We Came Away
1.9 Stop It
1.10 Get Lost (Take Me Away)
1.11 Gate 17 (Let the Sun Shine)
1.12 Riding in the Mountains (Tonight Is Taken)
1.13 Call Me Yesterday
1.14 The Day I Left Town
1.15 This Time
1.16 Gate 17 #2

Cold.Hard.: On the Lam

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