Colin Davis

Colin Davis: Verdi: Requiem Mass

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Artist: Colin Davis

Artist: Colin Davis
Title: Verdi: Requiem Mass

'Sir Colin Davis conducts the Requiem with a judicious mix of fire and meditative calm' (Gramophone) 'a strong set of soloists... Every note fills me with affection and wonder, and that's rare... his performance really feels like a live one as if we're hearing this glorious score straight out of the crucible in which it was forged... From the Domine Jesu Christe onwards everyone seems gripped by the unfolding drama, prompting them to give of their individual and collective best... there's a tension in the orchestra a sense of approaching finality... that dark, tolling figure in the Lux Aeterna is unforgettable, the soloists singing with a liberating loveliness that's equally memorable... Dies irae is (another) case in point... Sir Colin's performance is in another league entirely' (MusicWeb)

1.1 Requiem Mass: I. Requiem Aternam
1.2 Requiem Mass: II. Dies Irae
1.3 Requiem Mass: III. Tuba Mirum
1.4 Requiem Mass: IV. Liber Scriptus
1.5 Requiem Mass: V. Quid Sum Miser
1.6 Requiem Mass: VI. Rex Tremendae
1.7 Requiem Mass: VII. Recordare
1.8 Requiem Mass: VIII. Ingemisco
1.9 Requiem Mass: IX. Confutatis
1.10 Requiem Mass: X. Lacrymosa
1.11 Requiem Mass: XI. Domine Jesu Christe
1.12 Requiem Mass: XII. Hostias
1.13 Requiem Mass: XIII. Sanctus
1.14 Requiem Mass: XIV. Agnus Dei
1.15 Requiem Mass: XV. Lux Aeterna
1.16 Requiem Mass: XVI. Libera Me, Dies Irae, Requiem Aeternam
1.17 Requiem Mass: XVII. Libera Me

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